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The Museum will formally open on March 15th with an overview discussion covering the major themes and nature of the American Civil War. That will be followed on March 22nd with a discussion of early (1861) actions of the Civil War, with a specific focus on the First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas). Before detailing the events of the First Bull Run "campaign" and battle, we will spend some time acquainting the attendees with the nature of Civil War armies, campaigns, and battles. We will cover the structure, organization, and equipment of the armies; how the armies maneuvered on campaigns; how they were provisioned and supplied; and how Civil War battles were fought. We feel that this will provide a "baseline" of information for you as we progress through analyses and discussions of the major and minor campaigns and battles of 1861-1865.

More information to follow!


Thanks for visiting our website!

Please check out our programs under "Events" and "Schedule." We hope to provide fresh perspectives on the Civil War for both beginners and veterans, and to make your visits interesting and informative!

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