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About the Museum

The mission of the museum is to educate the general public about the American Civil War, and more specifically the military strategies, tactics, and leaders of the war as exemplified in its campaigns and battles.  We focus not only on the who, what, where, when and why of the many actions that were fought, but also discuss the most intriguing of questions – the “what ifs.”  What if Confederate General Buckner had not surrendered at Fort Donelson and instead escaped with 14,000 troops and Nathan Bedford Forrest?  What if Union General George B. McClellan had not captured Robert E. Lee’s orders during the Antietam campaign?


The museum features what may be the largest hand painted map of The Major Battles of the Civil War in the country.  It also features “interactive battle tables” that allow “Armchair Generals” to move armies, attack, retreat and see what really happened -and what could have happened - at Bull Run, Shiloh, Antietam, Gettysburg, Perryville and many other battles. Spend time at the kiosks and/or the large screen TV to see presentations and videos of how troops were moved and how battles were actually fought. Over time we will feature invited guests to discuss books, articles, personalities and battlefield tactics that both succeeded and failed and why. Come and explore The Civil War Museum of Delafield to begin to understand why it is and continues to be the most written about event in American history.

Bob Brown is the founder and owner of the museum. Nicknamed “Battlefield Bob” by his friends, Bob has visited over 60 Civil War battlefields in 13 states. Having spent 40 years in the world of business, he now focuses on his childhood passion, The American Civil War, hoping to similarly intrigue and educate others.  Why were more lives lost in the Civil War than in all of America’s wars combined, from The Revolutionary War to the current War on Terror?  The “What Ifs”of history have motivated and intrigued Bob from the start.  Perhaps you will be intrigued as well.

Dick Niles has assisted Bob in setting up the museum and in creating and managing its digital presentations and programs. Dick degreed in history and war studies in the U.S. and the U.K. before beginning a business career with a major U.S. telecommunications company. Now he is back with his first "love," military history, and hopes to make your visits to the Civil War Museum of Delafield both interesting and informative.
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