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Vicksburg and Stones River Follow-Up

I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but thanks again to all of you who attended our presentation last night! Great interest, great questions. We truly appreciate your support!

I have attached below PDF versions of both the Vicksburg and Stones River portions of the presentation, as well as a PDF copy of the Blue and Gray article on the Battle of Stones River (BG Stones River.pdf). The article is written by Jim Lewis, the NPS Park Ranger, and is highly recommended. Our recommended reading list is also displayed below.

Here are some additional helpful links:

The NPS website for Stones River and specifically the brief (9 minute) movie that we didn't have time to show can be found here.

Links to short but helpful articles on Stones River and Vicksburg can be found here and here respectively. The article on Vicksburg is written by Michael Ballard, author of a great book on the campaign.

The NPS Stones River booklet, written by noted authority Peter Cozzens, can be accessed online (free!) here.

Thanks again for coming! We hope to see you when we resume our presentation series in March, 2023.

Download PDF • 29.38MB

Stones River
Download PDF • 329.34MB

BG Stones River
Download PDF • 22.39MB



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