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Second Bull Run Follow-Up

Thank you to all who attended our presentation last night! We were happy to see many familiar faces, as well as a large number of first-time attendees.

As we mentioned last night, we have posted a PDF file of the presentation below.

We really appreciate your interest and attendance, and value your feedback and suggestions. With that in mind, feel free to drop us a line at

For those of you who are interested in reading more about the campaign and battle of Second Bull Run, please see the last few pages of the presentation for some suggestions. Additionally, you can read the latest National Park Service booklet on the battle (which is quite good) online for free here. The West Point Atlas of the American Civil War, a great resource that we use extensively in our presentations, can be viewed online here. Maps 54-64 deal with the campaign and battle of Second Bull Run. For the ultimate enthusiast, NPS Park Ranger John Hennessy's set of 16 detailed maps of the battle can be found here.

Download PDF • 75.33MB


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