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Naval Blockade and Coastal War Follow-up

Thanks again for coming to our presentation on Tuesday! We really appreciate the continued support from our long-time attendees, and we hope that our first-time guests found our discussion worthwhile and will return for future events.

The panels above show the sources we used for the presentation. All are worth reading if you have the time and inclination to do so!

Here is a copy of Tuesday's slide deck:

The Union Blockade 2
Download PDF • 20.66MB

The story of the blockade and the coastal war is one that historians differ on, so I thought it would be helpful to provide you with a series of (fairly short!) articles presenting different points of view for your further enjoyment. Here they are:

Download PDF • 19.19MB

Download PDF • 18.80MB

Coddington Blockade
Download PDF • 5.56MB

Surdam Blockade Reconsidered
Download PDF • 9.72MB

Download PDF • 132KB

A Naval Sieve_ The Union Blockade in the Civil War
Download PDF • 128KB

Download PDF • 228KB

Additionally, here are links to the US Army's Center for Military History Commemorative booklet on the Atlantic Coastal Campaign and the NPS booklet on the closing of the port of Savannah.

Thanks again for coming and we hope to see you on May 30th to discuss another fascinating topic, the Campaign and Battle of Chancellorsville!



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