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Fredericksburg Follow-Up

Thaks to all for making our Fredericksburg presentation our best attended ever!

For those of you who wish to dive a litle deeper into the details of Fredericksburg, please see our book recommendations on the last several pages of our presentation, which can be downloaded below.

Additionally, a US Army Staff Ride booklet on Fredericksburg can be found here. The National Park Service brochure on the battle, written by noted Civil War historian William Marvel, can be accessed here. The US Army Center for Military History's Commemorative booklet on Fredericksburg can be downloaded below.

We found a YouTube video on Fredericksburg to be particularly detailed and helpful in understanding the geography and nature of the battle. It can be found here.

We will attempt to have a version of Bill Davis's informative presentation on "Artillery at Fredericksburg" up shortly.

Thanks again for your support of the Civil War Museum of Delafield! We look forward to seeing you at our next presentation on May 2.

Download PDF • 85.60MB

Maryland Fredericksburg
Download PDF • 5.41MB



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