First Bull Run Follow-Up

We’d like to thank everyone who attended our session on the First Battle of Bull Run yesterday, despite the chilly and rainy weather. It was gratifying to see such a large and interested group of Civil War “buffs,” and we were particularly touched by the many great questions from the young people in the audience.

We probably overestimated the amount of ground we could cover on the battle itself. We have a lot of detail that we were not able to present due to time considerations, and for anyone interested we would be happy to provide that detail in a private session. If you are so inclined, please send us an email and we can set that up.

The presentation we used last night is attached below as a PDF file. The last page has a list of some additional reading suggestions for those interested in learning more about the First Battle of Bull Run.

There are some free resources available on the web as well, including a good US Army Staff Ride Guide to the Battle of Bull Run (with maps!), available here and a set of very detailed maps at The Library of Congress website here.

Finally, the old National Park Service Handbook, which does a good job of telling the story of First Bull Run, can be found here.

Road to Bull Run Final
Download PDF • 63.46MB

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