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Antietam Follow-Up

Thank you for attending last night's presentation at the Civil War Museum of Delafield! We appreciate your time and hope that you found it informative and entertaining.

We ran up against our end time and were unable to cover the Battle of Antietam as completely as we wanted 😢. We're going to consider extending the time to two hours on certain presentations...please let us know if you have any thoughts on that.

Attached below is a copy of last night's presentation. For those of you who are interested in doing a little more reading, I have attached a US Army Center of Military History Commemorative Brochure on the Maryland Campaign, and here is a link to a US Army Staff Ride Guide on Antietam. Finally, I have also provided two excellent articles on the campaign by two noted Civil War historians: "The Army of Northern Virginia in September 1862," by Robert K Krick; and "I Fought the Battle Splendidly: George B. McClellan and the Maryland Campaign," by A. Wilson Greene. Both are highly recommended!

Thanks again for your support of the Civil War Museum of Delafield! We hope to see you soon.

Antietam Campaign_Rev1
Download PDF • 74.63MB

McClellan & Antietam
Download PDF • 8.28MB

ANV September 1862
Download PDF • 6.93MB

CMH Maryland Campaign
Download PDF • 5.41MB



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